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As a family ourselves we aim to provide a seamless feeding solution to all families to not only make the welfare of the child more accessible but also care for the mental health of you, as parents, caregivers, and guardians.


Each product has been classified according to where babies are in their feeding journey and what their needs may be. We also realise that all babies and feeding journeys are different and have devised many baby-led ways of finding the perfect feeding product.


Parents across the spectrum have the same questions. Through our shopping categories and product indexing, our platform aims to educate at the same time to make the shopping journey for your little love as easy as possible.

our purpose.

fed is best was born out of the frustrations we, ourselves had as parents trying to navigate the overwhelming amount of products, retailers and information available when trying to do the one fundamental thing for our own babies – feed them. 

By the time your child is 5 years old, you would have fed them on average 9 125 times. Why not make sure that each time is memorable, enjoyable and well-informed? There are so many things we are trying to juggle as parents and caregivers. We hope our platform gives you one less thing to stress about.

our story.

Our passion project started shortly after our first daughter was born and has been in inception ever since – amongst COVID retrenchments, career changes and relocations around the country, we finally did it. 

Sienna, our oldest daughter was born at the height of the pandemic and was 7 weeks premature. All dreams of the perfect latch, skin-to-skin contact and exclusive breastfeeding were replaced with feeding tubes, three rounds of mastitis, combination feeding and an uphill battle with her weight gain. This was followed by the most exciting journey for us – solids! She now eats like a full-grown man

Harper, on the other hand, was born 16 months later under different circumstances. Even with a textbook breastfeeding experience, as an exclusively breastfeeding momma, there were many other essentials we didn’t realise we would need. Her transition to solids was a nightmare; our dreams of baby-led weaning – as we had successfully experienced with Sienna, went out the window and we had to relearn everything all over again while trying to find the right tools and techniques to feed her. 

Both our girls are thriving now and we learned some hard lessons along the way.  By teaming up with professionals in their field and an incredible supplier list, we hope to make the feeding journey a little easier for all other parents and caregivers.


 All recommendations and advice on this site are paediatrician approved and reviewed to ensure you are receiving the best general recommendations for your feeding stage

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