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Pigeon – Peristaltic Plus Pp Bottle 160Ml (Ss Hole)


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Pigeon’s range of wide neck feeding bottles now include the highly acclaimed Softouch™, Peristaltic PLUS™ teat • the result of extensive research in latching, peristaltic movement and swallowing. The Softouch™ Peristaltic PLUS™bottles and teats respond to baby’s natural peristaltic suckling action, ensuring you can switch between breast and bottle when necessary without compromising your breastfeeding. Includes an M Teat.

The M teat tip is a cross-cut or Y-cut, meaning no milk will drip out without your baby actively sucking.When your baby does suck, the cross-cut opens like petals of a flower allowing as much milk to flow through as the strength of your baby’s suck.This is why this style of teat is often called a Variable cut.

Pigeon Corporation is one of the biggest manufacturers of baby accessories in the world. Our attention to detail and quality standards are second to none, so rest assured we have the safety of your baby at heart. The SOFTOUCH™ PERISTALTIC PLUS™ NIPPLE

Is made from….

• Each hole size and shape provide suitable milk flow for baby’s developmental stage.

• Inner vertical lines for nipple collapse-resistant help natural tongue movement.

• Fits perfectly in the sucking fossa of baby’s mouth.

• Matt surface allows baby to latch securely.

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