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Pigeon – Softouch 3 Nursing Bottle Glass 240Ml


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Enhance your baby’s feeding experience with the Pigeon SofTouch Glass Bottle, now available at Fed is Best. Designed for seamless transition between breast and bottle, this glass bottle mimics natural feeding, supports proper latching, and helps prevent colic, ensuring a comforting mealtime for infants over 3 months.

At Fed is Best, we are delighted to introduce the Pigeon SofTouch Nursing Bottle Glass 240ml, a revolutionary feeding solution that harmonises breastfeeding and bottle feeding for your little one. With over 60 years of research backing its design, the Pigeon SofTouch Nursing Bottle Glass 240ml is the epitome of nurturing technology, crafted to respect and replicate the mother’s natural feeding rhythm.

This bottle stands out for its premium borosilicate glass material, known for its exceptional clarity and superior heat resistance. The SofTouch 240ml Glass Bottle is equipped with an even softer nipple that closely resembles the mother’s breast, featuring a unique Y-cut opening that regulates milk flow based on the baby’s sucking pressure. This design encourages natural suckling and swallowing patterns, aiding in the development of jaw muscles for babies aged 3+ months.

Key Features:

  • Borosilicate Glass Construction: Offers excellent transparency and withstands high temperatures, making it durable and easy to sterilise.
  • Anti-Colic Design: The advanced air vent system minimises air intake, reducing colic and discomfort for a happier feeding experience.
  • Latch-On Line: A research-based innovation that guides mothers and babies to the correct latch position, ensuring efficient and comfortable feeding.
  • Ergonomic Bottle Shape: Designed for easy holding, this bottle simplifies feeding sessions for both parents and babies.
  • Global Trust: As the No.1 Nursing Bottle Brand worldwide, Pigeon is celebrated for its commitment to quality and mother-child well-being.
  • Safety Assured: Completely BPA/BPS-free, promoting a safe feeding environment for your infant.

Sterilisation and Maintenance:

The Pigeon SofTouch Glass Bottle is compatible with various sterilisation methods, including boiling, steam, chemical, and UV, ensuring hygiene and convenience for busy parents. With attention to the lifespan of the product, we recommend rotating and replacing nipples every two months and the bottle every 4-6 months for optimal performance and safety.

Fed is Best is proud to offer a product that aligns with our commitment to supporting families in their feeding choices. The Pigeon SofTouch Glass Bottle is not just a feeding accessory; it’s a bridge between motherly warmth and nutritional needs, ensuring your peace of mind and your baby’s comfort.

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